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PYREX, 2122A-100 100mL Dispensing Buret with PTFE Stopcock

Part # 2122A-100


PYREX, 2122A-100, 100mL Dispensing Buret with Straight Bore Product Standard PTFE Stopcock

These 100mL PYREX® burets are suitable for use in school and institutional laboratories not requiring the accuracy of our Class A models. They are used when dispensing large volumes of liquids rapidly and accurately. Made from close tolerance, accurate bore tubing with uniform walls, these burets have a permanently colored scale. Tips are carefully drawn and ground to reduce chipping. Provided with a Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) stopcock plug to reduce freezing and eliminate lubricant contamination.


Buret FeatureDispensing
Capacity100 mL
Graduation Interval0.2 mL
Height752 mm (approx.)
O.D.18 mm (approx.)
Stopcock Bore No.2
Stopcock StyleStraight bore PTFE
Tolerance0.2 mL



Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.

PYREX, 2122A-100 100mL Dispensing Buret with PTFE Stopcock

SKU: 2122A-100
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