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BrandTech 37469 250mL USP-Certified Amber Glass Volumetric Flask

Part # 37469


BrandTech, 37469, 250mL USP-Certified Amber Glass Volumetric Flask with NS14/23 Stopper

Volumetric flasks are indispensable for preparing dilutions and standard solutions.

Companies producing pharmaceutical products for the US market are supervised by US authorities, e.g. the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and have to meet the requirements of the USP (United States Pharmacopeia). The current USP prescribes in section 31 the use of volumetric instruments with accuracy in accordance to class A of the ASTM standards and list those for volumetric flasks, transfer pipettes and burettes in tables.

Every glass volumetric measuring instrument is individually calibrated. Computer-controlled systems ensure maximum precision in a fully automated production line. The final step of this Statistical Process Control is random sampling of finished product according to DIN ISO 3951. The quality management system applied at BRAND, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, is a combination of process monitoring and random checks with an accepted quality level (AQL) of approximately 0.4.


Unit of MeasurePack of 2 pcs



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BrandTech 37469 250mL USP-Certified Amber Glass Volumetric Flask

SKU: 37469
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