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Bel-Art Products 46420-0002 Inhalation Narcosis Chamber

Part # 46420-0002


A space at the bottom is filled with cotton soaked by anesthetic, and a vented floor directly above it supports the animal. Optimally sized anesthetizing chamber for small animals including rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs.


Dimensions: I.D. is 197mm (7 3/4"), top I.D. is 178mm (7"), internal height is 127mm (5"), height below platform is 57mm (2 1/4"), overall height is 197mm (7 3/4").


Key Features:

  • Transparent acrylic cover allows observation of animal undergoing anesthesia
  • Body constructed of polypropylene and is unaffected by anesthesia chemicals
  • Features funnel for addition of anesthetic
  • Side-mounted stopcock lets fresh air enter to allow animal to breathe


Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.



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Bel-Art Products 46420-0002 Inhalation Narcosis Chamber

SKU: 46420-0002
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