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Bel-Art Products 42029-0001 Techni-Dome 360 Gas-Ported Desiccator

Part # 42029-0001


The new Secador Techni-Dome 360 Vacuum Desiccator with twogas ports is the largest domed desiccator in its class.


Key Features:

  • For contamination and dust-free desiccation, storage and degassing
  • Contents can be viewed clearly from 360°
  • Durable, chemical resistant polycarbonate constructionstores oversize or large amounts of moisture-sensitive items in a very dry, dust-free environment.


It is useful for drying, cooling and degassing humidity-sensitive standards, halide salt cells used in IR spectrophotometers, Thin Layer Chromatography plates, electronics and other moisture-sensitive items.


The unit has a volume of 65 liters (4,000 cu. in.) and holds items up to 45cm (18") tall or wide. Unlike present small dome-shaped vacuum desiccators, the Secador Techni-Dome Vacuum Desiccator has space for multiple plates, racks, trays and instruments.


Contents can be viewed from 360° through the desiccator's transparent polycarbonate top and bottom. This laboratory grade plastic material has smooth and simple-to-clean interior surfaces. The plastic dome construction supplies outstanding chemical and thermal resistance. The lightweight unit weighs roughly 5 kg (11 lbs) and can be transported by molded-in handles. Top and bottom handles can be bolted with nylon bolts to avoid lateral displacement of the two hemispheres when the unit is not under vacuum and provide convenient locations for tamper-evident seals or locks. A ring is molded into the upper dome so it can be placed inverted on the lab bench, when the unit is disassembled. Safety locator pins in the top and bottom halves prevent the halves from displacing when one side is lifted when accessing the contents. Two detachable polypropylene shelves, 36.5 and 22.5 (14.5" and 9") diameter maximize storage capacity.


The design of this unit maintains a full vacuum (29" Hg, 737mm) for 24 hours at room temperature and stays gastight without a vacuum. For operation down to 0°C, apply a light coating of vacuum grease to the gasket.


The polypropylene stopcock features a PTFE plug that can be conveniently rotated to permit a slow, non-turbulent air stream to enter the unit, virtually eliminating any disturbance of contents. The stopcock has a vivid, red handle and is compatible with 6.4mm (1/4") I.D. tubing.



Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.



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Bel-Art Products 42029-0001 Techni-Dome 360 Gas-Ported Desiccator

SKU: 42029-0001
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