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Bel-Art Products 18610-0440 Stak-A-Tray 4 Level Rack

Part # 18610-0440

Number of Trays: 4, Clearance Between Trays: 1"


Four level rack (for Petri dishes and shorter culture flasks), clearance between trays: 2.4cm (1")


Choose from two rack models; one stores two levels of trays to support taller vessels like tissue culture flasks, the other stores four levels of trays for shorter containers like dishes and plates. All racks interlock upon stacking for a small, space-saving footprint that holds up to 20 levels of trays. Every level supports one large or two small interchangeable trays, that are purchased separately. Air flows through perforations in the trays and every part is fabricated of stainless steel and is steam sterilizable at 121°C (250°F). Rack dimensions: 37.5cm D x 10.8cm H x 35.8cm W (14" D x 4" H x 14 1/16" W). Large tray: 35.6cm x 35.6cm (14" x 14"). Small tray: 17.8cm x 35.6cm (7" x 14"). Racks and trays sold separately.


Maximize Petri plates and cell culture flasks storage in incubators, cold rooms, or anywhere in the lab


Key Features:

  • Versatile configurations to accommodate many types of media plates and flasks
  • Autoclavable



Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.



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Bel-Art Products 18610-0440 Stak-A-Tray 4 Level Rack

SKU: 18610-0440
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