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AMS, 2106.15 .7" x 3' Clear PVC Bailer

Part # 2106.15


Disposable bailers allow you to eliminate the time and costs of decontamination and cleaning. Choose from clear PVC, translucent polyethylene, or clear fluoropolymer bailers for easy sample viewing. Translucent polyethylene bailers are available with or without weighted bottoms. Clear PVC models feature a heavier design than many weighted bailers. The positive sealing check valve will prevent the loss of sample during recovery. All disposable bailers may be emptied through the easy-pour top or with a slow emptying device included with each bailer.



Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.

AMS, 2106.15 .7" x 3' Clear PVC Bailer

SKU: 2106.15
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