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Ace Glass 7281-22 2000ml Jacketed Pressure Equalizing Funnel

Part # 7281-22

Working Volumes: 2000ml, Joint Size: 29/42


Jacketed version of 7297 series addition funnels. Jacket runs from shoulder at top of vessel to above the PTFE stopcock. Has size D hose barbs for 3/8in ID tubing. Pressure equalizing arm runs from top of vessel to just below the PTFE stopcock. Graduations are both in ascending and descending volume. Both top and bottom joints are the same size. Bottom drip tip extends to the edge of the bottom inner joint. Top outer joint is reinforced for safety. 4mm PTFE stopcock plug bore.


Key Features:

  • 2000ml
  • Graduated Addition
  • Pressure Equalizing
  • Jacketed for Cooling and/or Heating
  • 29/42 Standard Taper Joints
  • 4mm PTFE Stopcock
  • Side Hose Barbs for 3/8in Inner Diameter Tubing B



Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.


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Ace Glass 7281-22 2000ml Jacketed Pressure Equalizing Funnel

SKU: 7281-22
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