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Ace Glass 6511-60 Flat Bottom Flask, 4 L

Part # 6511-60


Flat Bottom Flask, 4L

Flat Flange, With O-Ring Groove


Cylindrical heavy-wall reaction flask, with flat bottom rounded inside wall, and flat flange. Flange has an o-ring groove for use with CAPFE® (PTFE encapsulated silicone rubber) o-ring instead of gasket. Without constriction at top to facilitate introduction/removal of material and allow for ease of cleaning. For reaction heads, see 6512, 6513 and 6515. For clamp, see 6508 or 6510.


Capacity, Liters4
O.D., mm140
I.D., mm130
Height, mm335
Nominal Flange O.D., mm168
Use Clamp6508-06 or 6510-05
Top CAPFE® O-Ring7855-889



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Ace Glass 6511-60 Flat Bottom Flask, 4 L

SKU: 6511-60
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