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Ace Glass, 14205-44 1000ML Shake Flask "C"

Part # 14205-44


14205-44, Complete assembly,#25 Ace-Thred top,includes 1000mL flask, #25 well,septum adapter,#7 & #25 Ace-Thred nylon bushings, 8mm septa for side port,24/40 septa for top,Fetfe o-rings

Determines CO2 evolution to assess biodegradability by soil and sewerage micro-organisms. Shake flask fits standard laboratory shakers. #7 Ace-Thred side port with Nylon bushing and FETFE O-ring holds a glass septum adapter. Inner well has a capacity of 10 mL plus head space. Well is held securely in Ace-Thred with nylon bushing and FETFE o-ring that permits variable depth positioning. Well top is flared to accept septum and can be removed or pierced to permit venting for aerating of culture media.



Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.

Ace Glass, 14205-44 1000ML Shake Flask "C"

SKU: 14205-44
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