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Nalgene® 3120-2006 Bio-Bottles, SCA, PP, 64 oz (2L), case/6

Part Number: NG-3120-2006



Nalgene 2L Bio Bottle offers a solution for the separation of large volume harvests in a single run.

Designed for use in Thermo Scientific RC12BP Plus Centrifuge and H-12000 Swing Bucket Rotor, the exact fit assures optimal performance. Ideal for bacterial, yeast and tissue isolations.


  • Process up to 12L in a single run at speeds up to 7,333xg
  • Graduated, wide-mouth design simplifies decanting, re-suspensions and pellet removal
  • Conical shape and smooth inner surface assures compact pellet formation
  • For centrifugation operating temperatures from 4° to 22°C and storage to 0°C
  • The use of support bridge (Catalog #75007686) is required


Includes: White polypropylene sealing screw closure with silicone gasket for leak-proof assurance

Compliance: Meets USP VI, non-cytotoxic, non-hemolytic

These bottles must be filled to at least 80% of the total capacity for optimal performance


Nalgene® 3120-2006 Bio-Bottles, SCA, PP, 64 oz (2L), case/6

SKU: NG-3120-2006
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