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Foxx Life Sciences P10903 Abdos Petri Dish 90mm

Part # P10903


Foxx Life Sciences, P10903, Abdos Petri Dish 90mm, Height 15.80 mm, 0 Vents, Aseptic Sleeves of 20, 480/CS

These high-quality disposable Petri Dishes are suitable for all microbiological applications. A robust dimensional accuracy of 90mm ensures compatibility with most automated systems. Extremely high optical clarity allows for ease of use with a microscope while the shallow, stackable dish design provides the maximum use of incubator space. The vented dishes have elevated lids for superior gas exchange and evaporation. Non-vented dishes have flat lids that prevent evaporation to encourage a longer incubation period for anaerobic applications. Aseptic Dishes are manufactured in clean rooms, under controlled low bioburden conditions, for the best performance in all applications. Sterile Plates have been validated according to EN ISO 11137-2; 2012 for SAL 10-6. Compartments enable parallel testing of a single sample using different agar, solvents, and reagents.



  • Manufactured as per ISO 24998:2008
  • Retain their shape up to 55C


Unit of MeasurePack of 480 pcs


Min. Temp.20C
Max. Temp.90C
Sterilization by RadiationGamma
Material TransparencyClear
Batch CertificateYes
Complies withISO 11137
ISO Standard9001, 13485, 14001



Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.



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Foxx Life Sciences P10903 Abdos Petri Dish 90mm

SKU: P10903
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