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Foxx Life Sciences, 3083045 Borosil Desiccator, 300 mm (X-Large)

Part # 3083045


Foxx Life Sciences, 3083045, Borosil Desiccator Vacuum, Stopcock with PTFE spindle and Porcelain plate, 300 mm, Borosilicate

Borosil brand Desiccators are equipped with bodies and covers that have great strength and utility. The body is designed with a streamlined contour that facilitates easy cleaning of the used desiccant. Any desiccant such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric pentoxide, calcium chloride or silica gel may be used in Borosil brand Desiccators. For your convenience, all Borosil brand Plain Desiccators of the same size have interchangeable covers and bodies.



  • Designed for use under vacuum
  • Sturdy construction of borosilicate glass
  • Ground glass flanges
  • Plates are positioned on an internal ledge within the base
  • Comes with PTFE stopcock at the top
  • Generally used for drying of moist products, and for storage of moisture sensitive substances



Ground Flange300 mm
Overall Dimension16.73" L x 16.73" W x 16.93" H
Borosilicate Glass3.3
Graduation RangeType I

Foxx Life Sciences, 3083045 Borosil Desiccator, 300 mm (X-Large)

SKU: 3083045
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