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Dynalon 537835-4000 4000 mL Polypropylene Squat Form Printed Cylinder

Part # 537835-4000



  • Squat cylinder design for increased stability on the bench and ease of handling particularly in restricted spaces.
  • Self-draining base eliminates water collection during washing in an automatic lab washing machine - thereby removing all spill re-wetting and contamination issues.
  • Clear molded blue over-printed graduations - always visible.
  • High clarity polypropylene - safe, unbreakable with good chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Anti suction base - no problems when working on wet surfaces.
  • Space saving storage with low form cylinder design.


The squat cylinder design makes these translucent polypropylene product more stable on the bench than traditional glass or plastic cylinders and results in fewer spills or more serious accidents. Squat cylinders are easier to handle, particularly in confined spaces such as fume hoods. The lower form means you require less overhead storage space. Not only are the graduations molded into the product, but they are also overprinted in attractive blue ink. And these cylinders have a unique self draining base that will allow waste-water to drain when inverted in a dishwasher.


The 4 Liter plastic cylinder is manufactured of translucent polypropylene. Cylinder in a Squat Format with graduations marked in blue print. 50 mL increments with 500 mL graduation lines printed around circumference. Less than 24" in height with stable 8" diameter octagonal base. The base unscrews from cylinder for ease of cleaning and storage. Use for measuring large volumes, mixing and making up solutions and buffers. Complies with ISO 6706 and US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 for use with Food and Beverage. Autoclavable (repeated autoclaving may affect accuracy).


Capacity, mL4000
Graduations, mL50
Tolerance +/- mLl50
Diameter, mm.111
Height, mm.600




Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.



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Dynalon 537835-4000 4000 mL Polypropylene Squat Form Printed Cylinder

SKU: 537835-4000
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