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Chromatography Funnel Set, HDPE, Set of 5 sizes

Part Number: CF-3005


Chromatography Funnel Plastic HDPE Set of 5

Our plastic Chromatography Funnels are virtually unbreakable and made of chemically resistant high density polyethylene (HDPE). These uniquely designed funnels have perforated sides and a closed stem, which facilitates the gentle addition of solvent without disturbing the silica gel by allowing solvent to flow down the column wall, making these superior to ordinary funnels.



  • Made with HDPE
  • Funnels are spark proof, rust proof, dent proof and boil proof


Chromatography Funnel Set includes 1 each of:

  • 60 mL ( CF-60) 68mm OD, 9mm x 20mm stem, 65mm H
  • 120 mL ( CF-120) 88mm OD, 9mm x 22mm stem, 95mm H
  • 240 mL ( CF-240) 108mm OD, 12mm x 39mm stem, 115mm H
  • 960 mL ( CF-960) 168mm OD, 16mm x 50mm stem, 175mm H
  • Wide Neck 960 mL ( CF-960WN) 168mm OD, 24mm x 70mm stem, 185mm H

Chromatography Funnel Set, HDPE, Set of 5 sizes

SKU: CF-3005
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