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Celltreat 229472 Bio-Reaction Tube - Foam Rack

Part # 229472


Celltreat Scientific Products, 229472, 15mL Bio-Reaction Tube - Foam Rack, Sterile


  • Bio-reaction tubes offer a convenient and economical option for small scale, high density suspension cell culture
  • Ideal for biological reaction applications and free gas exchange
  • Aseptic conditions maintained through 0.22μm hydrophobic vented membrane
  • Useful in the screening and optimization processes of suspension cells
  • Reaction parameters can be optimized using small amounts of materials, maximizing the number of parallel experiments that can be performed simultaneously
  • Ideal for suspension cell culture, bacterial growth, seeding larger bioreactors, supporting start-up testing procedures for larger bioreactors, and lyophilization


Unit of MeasurePack of 300 pcs


Primary ColorTube: Natural
Secondary ColorCap: Green
Primary MaterialTube: Polypropylene
Secondary MaterialCap: HDPE
Maximum Volume15mL
Graduation Increments (Subdivisions)0.5mL
Tissue Culture TreatedNo
Max Force (RCF)g12000



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Celltreat 229472 Bio-Reaction Tube - Foam Rack

SKU: 229472
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