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BrandTech 781962 CellGrade F-Bottom Transparent Cell Culture Plate

Part # 781962

Well-Number: 96-Well, Color: Transparent, Bottom Shape: F-Bottom, Surface-Treatment: cellGrade


BrandTech, 781962, CellGrade 350ul F-Bottom Transparent Cell Culture Plate

BRAND plates ® for cell culture are available in a variety of surface treatments for use in the culture of a wide range of cell types. Three different surface treatements, cellGrade™, cellGrade™ plus, and cellGrade™ premium are available for the culture of adherant cells. All BRAND plates ® cell culture plates are sterilized by β-radiation or ethylene oxide, are DNA-, DNase-, RNase-free, and are packaged individually wrapped.


cellGrade™. BRAND cellGrade™ plates are a standard plate for the cultivation of adherent cell lines. The surface is hydrophilic compato untreated polystyrene, with freely-accessible carboxyl and hydroxyl groups. Serum components are easily bound allowing cells to directly attach and spread out quickly and with a better rate of yield.


Unit of MeasurePack of 50 pcs


Bottom ShapeF-Bottom
Well volume350μL



Please read description carefully. Do not base your order on the picture presented.



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BrandTech 781962 CellGrade F-Bottom Transparent Cell Culture Plate

SKU: 781962
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