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8" ECO Funnel® System, 4L Glass Bottles, Secondary Container

Part Number: EF-3004GL-SYS



This 8" ECO Funnel® system includes an amber glass bottle with a 38-439 closure and a compliant secondary container with detachable base. Our patented design features a latching lid with gasket to keep fumes contained. A removable large particle filter catches stir bars or other items. A detachable tube extends into the waste container to minimize chemical evaporation. The 8" version of our ECO Funnel includes an additional safety feature to prevent over-filling; a secondary air-lock tube creates a small air gap in your waste container, which causes fluid to back up temporarily into the funnel when the container is full. After the screw cap adapter is loosened, the remaining fluid will safely flow into the container and not spill.


Dimensions: Lid Open13"L x13"W x 29"H
Dimensions: Lid Closed13"L x13"W x 20.5"H
Funnel8" ECO Funnel® EF-3004C
Container4 Liter glass bottle EC-38GL
Secondary ContainerSC-3004CPB



8" ECO Funnel® System, 4L Glass Bottles, Secondary Container

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