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5 gallon drum, Plastic with 70mm cap size (FS70)

Part Number: EC-20020DRN



5 gallon drum, Plastic with cap size 70mm (FS70 / FS80 Neck finish.) Fits ECO Funnel EF-4-FS70 and EF-8-FS70.
Height: 15.25" Diameter: 11.5"

Tight Head Pail is a self-supporting plastic container constructed of high molecular weight, high density polyethylene, and is designed for the secure, dependable shipment and storage of liquid products. Drum is cylindrical in shape with spout placement in line with the sidewall for maximum removal of product during dispensing. The unit is also equipped with a swing handle on the top face.

Our Blue and Natural (white) Drums are all FDA & USDA Approved for food, water and cosmetics. UN Rated: UN 1H1/Y1.8/100/YR and DOT Approved.

5 gallon drum, Plastic with 70mm cap size (FS70)

SKU: EC-20020DRN
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