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2 Liter Vacuum Funnel, Filter System, PP with Steel Vacuum Port

Part Number: PLS-8000-1020



This 2 Liter Vacuum Filter Funnel system is made of durable polypropylene, PEEK and stainless steel. It is easy to set up and use, and is virtually indestructible. Complete 2 Liter Vacuum Filter Funnel system includes: vacuum filter manifold (w/ O-ring, GL-45 Cap, 53B Cap, stainless steel vacuum port) , filter retainer ring, 2 Liter capacity plastic funnel, stainless steel filter support, and adapter kit. Use with CG-8088-1L or CG-8088-2L . (Due to the wide range of available options, reagent bottle and filter paper are not included.)


Choose your own 47mm filter paper based on your filtration needs.


The CP Lab Safety Vacuum Filter System offers several improvements over conventional designs. Engineered for durability and ease of use, this unit features an O-ring seal which makes it easy to seat on a standard GL-45 cap closure reagent bottle. The vacuum port has stainless steel 1/4"-28 threads to last longer than other units and interface with standard fittings. The unique retainer ring prevents the filter membrane from twisting and becoming damaged. We hope you will agree that this simple, innovative design is an improvement over anything else on the market.


Polypropylene base manifold and funnel, PTFE retainer ring, stainless steel threads in the vacuum port, and a stainless steel membrane filter support.



Silicone rubber O-ring, capable of withstanding autoclaving. Designed primarily for aqueous solutions. Other O-ring materials are available for filtering more aggressive liquids. If you have special filtration needs, contact us regarding a filter design that can meet your requirements.


Available with either 1 or 2 liter funnel.


Extremely easy to set up and use. First, lay the stainless steel membrane filter support into the recessed area on top of the base manifold. Place the filter membrane on top and install the retainer ring on top of that. Lift the white threaded cap to engage the threads of the funnel and screw together snugly. Next, insert the base manifold into the neck of a GL-45 receiving bottle and tighten the cap snugly. Finally, choose the proper adapter combination to connect up to your vacuum source.


Extremely easy. The entire unit may be submerged in water or other solutions for cleaning. Or the entire unit may be autoclaved.

2 Liter Vacuum Funnel, Filter System, PP with Steel Vacuum Port

SKU: PLS-8000-1020
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