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Streamline complex in vitro 3D assays with high-content imaging


Application Spotlight

Overcome common 3D assay challenges with microfluidics, magnetic nanoparticles, and high-content imaging

The need for accurate 3D cell models for research and drug development has been steadily growing. New technologies are rapidly developing to streamline and facilitate the process, including the use of automated, high-content imaging and analysis. However, some limiting factors have been uncovered, including the ability to perform complex assays easily and quickly with precious samples, especially with patient-derived material.

Here, we demonstrate how to improve your assay workflow using magnetic coated 3D cell microtissues on the Pu·MA System® 3D MAG followed by high-content imaging and analysis with ImageXpress® Micro Confocal system. Leveraging this combination of integrated solutions allows you to:

  • Overcome common 3D assay challenges with an automated workflow featuring microfluidic control, and magnetically coated 3D cell models

  • Measure multiple assay readouts from secreted factor analysis to high-content image analysis


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