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[New Webinar] Reverse Phase Flash Method Development Made Easy

July 22, 2021 10:00 AM in Seoul

Reverse phase flash chromatography is more challenging than normal phase. Although reverse phase flash methods can be created from thin layer chromatography, the TLC plates may take a very long time to run, especially when using highly-aqueous mobile phases. In this webinar, Jack Silver, Applications Chemist, will explain how to avoid this problem by using analytical HPLC systems instead to create reverse-phase flash chromatography methods.​​​​​​

  • Little-known secrets of scale-up from HPLC to flash

  • Why matching column chemistries is an essential factor for successful method transfer

  • Flash method development tips and tricks

  • Calculating flash methods directly from HPLC

  • How to know when prep LC will be needed to purify a compound

  • Troubleshooting your reverse-phase flash method development

From this 45-minute presentation plus interactive Q&A session, attendees will understand the most important issues impacting reverse-phase flash method development and how to resolve them quickly and effectively using the latest tools and best practices.

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