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ICP Operations Guide

This guide is intended for anyone operating and preparing samples and standards for measurement using ICP (ICP hereafter refers to either ICP-MS or ICP-OES). Our last guide, Trace Analysis: A Guide for Attaining Reliable Measurements, focused on the task of achieving reliable trace measurements by ICP. This series will not focus on any single topic, but rather upon a multitude of day-to-day tasks required by all ICP operators. The topics will be fundamental in nature and are intended as an aid for the analyst who is completely new or somewhat new to the technique of ICP. Click here to download this ICP Operations Guide as a PDF.

Multi-Element Standard Blends

  1. Elemental and Matrix Compatibility

  2. Quality Issues

  3. Handling, Calculations, Preparation and Storage of Standards

Sample Introduction

  1. Sample Introduction Systems

  2. Nebulizers, Spray Chambers and Torches

  3. Compatibility and Precision Issues

Performance Characteristics

  1. Linearity and Detection Limits

  2. Spectral Interference: Types, Avoidance and Correction

  3. Key Instrument Parameters

Calibration Techniques

  1. Calibration Curves

  2. Standard Addition, Internal Standardization and Isotope Dilution

Problem Elements

  1. Common Problems with Hg, Au, Si, Os and Na

  2. Common Problems with Ag, As, S, Ba, Pb and Cr

Basic Calculations

  1. Accuracy, Precision, Mean and Standard Deviation

  2. Significant Figures and Uncertainty

  3. Traceability

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