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Custom Analysis by Radial/Axial ICP-OES: How to Reduce Interferences for 69 Elements

About this webinar: The Quality Control Department at Inorganic Ventures is responsible for daily testing of all custom Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) to ensure product accuracy. IV’s custom CRM library contains over 65,000 distinct products and continues to grow every day. A robust ICP-OES testing method is required to guarantee accurate testing of almost any custom CRM we create. This presentation will detail the design of the testing method used in our lab for custom CRM products. Our chemists will guide you through the creation of calibration standards that account for chemical compatibility and potential interference problems. We will discuss the capabilities and limitations of the ICP-OES instrumentation, including sample introductory systems and axial vs radial views. You will learn how a diverse population of samples can be prepped to avoid detailed matrix matching. Finally, we will review the data workup process and demonstrate how to utilize user-generated interference tables to help interpret your data. This ICP-OES method is a great example of the process to follow when creating methods in your lab for solving your unique challenges. Takeaways: You will learn how to create ICP-OES calibration standards that account for chemical compatibility and interferences. We will share the best options for sample prep when dealing with many samples? You will learn how to perform manual corrections for spectral interferences. We will explain how to expand the calibration range and still give reliable results. We hope you and your customers will join us!

Time: 한국시간 Jul 1, 2021 10:00 PM in Seoul


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