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Titrating Burette, Automatic, 25mL

Part Number: DL-896954-1025



Titrating Burette, Automatic, 25mL. This automatic titrating burette is a universal aid in the laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants, for field analyses and numerous other applications. Available in 5 sizes from 5mL to 50mL.

Automatic Titrating Burette Prominent features include:

  • Self zeroing
  • Measured "to deliver"
  • Burette made of Schott graduated borosilicate glass with blue ring graduations and Schellbach stripe for easy read measurements
  • Graduations in accordance with Category B (Tolerances according to DIN ISO 385)
  • Exact dispensing of precise discharge jet or drop via the micro screw
  • Left or right hand operation for ease of use
  • Sturdy stand for support
  • 1 liter low density polyethylene (LDPE) chemically resistant bottle
  • Automatic Titrating Burette Literature


Capacity mL510152550
Division mL0.
Precisions mL+/- 0.015+/-0.030+/-0.045+/-0.045+/-0.045
Height cm4857496187

Titrating Burette, Automatic, 25mL

SKU: DL-896954-1025
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