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Nalgene® 332189-0032 Economy Bottles, Bulk-Packed, Wide-Mouth, HDPE, 32 oz (1L), case/50


Part Number: NG-332189-0032

Quantity: 50

Size: 1 liter / 32 ounce

Color: natural

Material: polyethylene

Style: wide mouth

Closure Style: screw thread



Wide-Mouth Economy Bottle Bulk Pack is a lightweight version of the traditional bottle bulk packed for ultimate economy.

Suitable for short-term general purpose laboratory and field applications such as collecting samples and containing working solutions like buffers, bench reagents and chemical aliquots. Thinner-walled and more flexible than traditional Lab Quality Bottles, but still guaranteed leak-proof. Wide mouth is easy to fill with dry materials or liquids.

Lightweight versions of the Traditional Lab Quality bottle, suitable for light-duty, general purpose applications where a heavier bottle is not required


  • Translucent
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most acids, bases and alcohols
  • Bulk packed for the ultimate in Economical liquid containment
  • Wide mouth makes these bottles easy to fill with solids or liquids
  • Linerless caps ensure leak-proof performance without a liner that can wrinkle, cause leaks and contaminate your solutions
  • Leak-proof


Ordering Alerts: Packaged in bulk quantities.


Direct UV exposure should be avoided.

Nalgene® 332189-0032 Economy Bottles, Bulk-Packed, Wide-Mouth, HDPE, 32 oz (1L),

SKU: NG-332189-0032
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