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Nalgene® 1100-1000 Storm Water Sampler with 1 Liter HDPE Bottle, case/4

Part Number: NG-1100-1000



Collect a full liter first-flush grab sample within the first minutes of storm water outfall flow with the Nalgene Storm Water Sampler with HDPE Bottle. Leakproof when closure is applied. Sampling device is intended for one-time use. Use with Storm Water Mounting Kit (Part Number NG-1160-1000.) Ideal for collecting samples for inorganic analyses.


The Nalgene™ Storm Water Sampler is a convenient and affordable device for collecting quarterly storm water grab samples in compliance with EPA sampling requirements. No more standing in the rain waiting for water to flow or missed sampling events (if used with the mounting kit.) The Storm Water Sampler can collect a full one liter grab sample of first flush storm water runoff through a storm water ditch, stream or storm grate outfall. Simply position the sampler in its protective mounting tube prior to a rain event, and leave it in place until after the storm.

Made in the USA.

Feature summary

  • Watch our demonstration video for full feature and use details
  • Single use, disposable samplers are available made from HDPE for collecting samples for visual observations and inorganic chemistry analyses or in amber glass with a fluorinated collection unit for collecting samples for organic chemistry analyses
  • Reusable mounting kit accommodates either sampler and can be positioned in stream, ditch or storm grate outfalls
  • Sampler collects a full liter of storm water as soon as water starts flowing over the device, satisfying the requirement to collect the sample during the first 30 minutes of outfall flow
  • Sampler is equipped with a ball valve that closes off the sample chamber once the bottle is full; minimizing head space and volatile analyte loss.
  • Mounting kit is equipped with a screen for collecting debris for visual observation
  • Mounting tube is UV stabilized for extended outdoor use
  • Samplers meet EPA NPDES MSGP (Fed. Reg. FRL-6880-5 10/20/00) and most state general permit grab sampling requirements.

Nalgene® 1100-1000 Storm Water Sampler with 1 Liter HDPE Bottle, case/4

SKU: NG-1100-1000
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