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Agilent 5975C Inert XL Turbo Pump GC/MS

Agilent Technologies - Model 5975C Inert XL GC/MS System with High Performance Turbo Pump. EI/CI/PCI

Agilent - 7890A Gas Chromatograph Single Split/Splitless Inlet with EPC

Optional Agilent - 7693 Liquid Autosampler Optional Agilent - 7693 150 position sample tray

or Agilent 7683B Liquid Autosampler with 100 position sample tray

This system can also be configured for VOA

5975C/7890A GC/MS System will also include a G1701EA GCMS Chemstation Data System for instrument control and data acquisition.

Our website is intended to be a catalog of system configurations based on our common inventory items. We can custom configure any system to meet your specific requirements.

Agilent Technologies - 7890 / 5975C Inert XL GC/MS System

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