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8" ECO Funnel® for Justrite® Polyethylene Disposal Cans

Part Number: EF-8-Justrite-B



This 8" ECO Funnel® is designed to fit the large 3.65" opening on Justrite® Poly Waste Disposal Cans. Our patented ECO Funnel features a latching lid with gasket to keep fumes contained. A removable large particle filter catches stir bars or other items. Justrite® poly disposal containers are FM approved and have a built-in flame arrestor which is not impaired by the ECO Funnel.


Dimensions: Lid Open9"L x11"W x 23.5"H
Dimensions: Lid Closed9"L x11"W x 15"H
Fits Container2 gal JUSTRITE® Safety Can EC-1275120 (plain)
2 gal JUSTRITE® Safety Can JP-PP12752 (PP HPLC quick disconnect fittings)
2 gal JUSTRITE® Safety Can JP-TF12752 (SS HPLC quick-disconnect fittings)
5 gal Safety Can EC-1275450 (plain)
5 gal Safety Can JP-PP12755 (PP HPLC quick disconnect fittings)
5 gal Safety Can JP-TF12755 (SS HPLC quick-disconnect fittings)

8" ECO Funnel® for Justrite® Polyethylene Disposal Cans

SKU: EF-8-Justrite-B
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