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Bio Plas,7000 1 Microliters Astral Inoculation Loop, Yellow

Part # 7000


1 µL Astral Inoculation Loop, Yellow

All Astral Loops may be used in quantitive procedures such as sampling, urine counts, serial dilutions, and bacteriological inoculation



Astral Loops eliminate the metal or wire loop flaming step and the hazards of spattering, cross-contamination, and the risk of infectious pathogens caused as a result of aerosols, and the hazards of open flame.



All Astral Loops may be quickly extracted from the sterilized rack by using the Astral Handle. Flexible enough to facilitate streaking but rigid enough to penetrate the media for inoculation.


Time Savings

The Astral Inoculation System allows the technologist to inoculate prepared plates at an extremely rapid rate in any laboratory setting or condition, i.e., anaerobic chambers, fume hoods, satellite labs or, in the field.



The savings can be substantial; fewer plated used, guaranteed sterility and cleanliness, zero cross-contamination and speed of use.


Unit of MeasurePack of 96 pcs

Bio Plas, 7000 1 Microliters Astral Inoculation Loop, Yellow

SKU: 7000
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