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[Repeat Webinar] HPLC Troubleshooting and Maintenance Techniques

Peaks not coming out where they used to? Not as big as they usually are and don’t look the way they should? These are the clear indicators that something in the method or its execution is off. In this webinar Todd Anderson, Global Chromatography Specialist, Teledyne ISCO, will walk you through the most effective troubleshooting techniques chromatographers use to isolate problems in their systems. He will also discuss proven injection and loading techniques and other best practices for optimizing chromatographic results. And for your longer term success Todd will also address important method development factors geared to extending the life of your column.

- Recognizing problem indicators

- Troubleshooting HPLC methods and procedures

- Pump head problems and associated symptoms

- Detector and flow cell issues and corrective actions

- Sample injection problems

- Loading conditions to improve peak shape

- Sample injection techniques to help prevent blockages

- Tuning your methods to extend column life ​​​​​​ From this 45-minute presentation plus interactive Q&A session, attendees will learn to spot common problems earlier and become faster and more confident in troubleshooting them. Labs will save time, money, and trouble by avoiding issues that cause columns to fail prematurely. Also learn how to access Teledyne ISCO chromatography specialists at any time to assist with your prep HPLC applications.


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