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2022년 7월 판매품목

MultiDrive TC 1 Protective housing

IKA0020023489EV1117 Stainless Needle Emitter (XL)

EVOSEPEV1117EV1116 Agilent Sleeve adapter

EVOSEPEV1116Ricca2248-16 ( R2248000-500A )Ricca2237-16 ( R2237000-500A )Ricca2210-4 ( R2210000-120C )D2 Lamp for waters 2487D2 Lamp for waters 2487D2 Lamp for waters 996/2996D2 Lamp for waters 996/2996D2 Lamp for waters 486D2 Lamp for waters 486Agilent 1100 DAD LampAgilent 1100 DAD Lamp1.5ml Micro-Tube Rack , green/yellow

Research Products International Corp2480121.5ml Micro-Tube Rack , purple/pink

Research Products International Corp248014LabChemLC222105GFS Chemical55801SigmaZ359106-1PAKSigmaZ359122-1PAK0.2mL PCR strip Magnetic Separator (for 0.2mL tube),


Novasina260 1584Tris-HCl 200mM, pH 7.0

TEKNOVAT2260Stainless Steel Brain Matrices,

Coronal Slices, 1 mm (For rats 175 to 300g)

Kent Scientific CorporationRBMS-300CStainless Steel Brain Matrices,

Coronal Slices, 1 mm (For mice 40 to 75g)

Kent Scientific CorporationRBMS-200CDustless Precision Pellets® Rodent,

Purified,45 mg, 50,000/Box

BIO-SERVF0021Model 306(Detector Complete Assembly)

DeTechModel 306GFS Chemical32112GFS Chemical32103LabChemLC223907Ricca2483-4 ( R2483000-120C )Ricca691-4 ( R0691000-120A )Ricca9395-100 ( R9395000-100D2 )Ricca8111-4 ( R8111000-120A )Ricca2549-16 ( R2549000-500A )Ricca6307-16 ( R6307000-500B )RiccaR5488600-500CFisher Scientific11-312DLabChemLC257901Ricca2883.4-4 ( R2883400-120C )Ricca2495-4 ( R2495000-120C )SIGMA438081-6X500MLNF-light ELISA, 96wells / 1KIT

Uman diagnostics10-7002 RUORicca5047-4 (R504700-120C)Ricca2730-32 ( R2730000-1A )RiccaR0817500-120ALabChemLC11740SIGMAC4901-500GSIGMAA8806-5GLightCycler® 480 Multiwell Plate 96, white / Roche / 50plates

PK4729692001Ricca7855-32 ( R7855000-1A )Ricca4621.G-16 ( R4621007-500C )LabChemLC117505SpectrumHY104Fisher Scientific23-044-648Fisher Scientific23-044-777Ricca3110-4 (R3110000-120C )Ricca2495-4 (R2495000-120C )


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