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2022년 12월 수입품목

Model 402-H3(Detector Complete Assembly), DeTechModel 402A-H3Ricca7227.8-50G ( R7227800-50B1 )JOST CHEMICAL2571Ricca1065-32 ( R1065000-1A )Ricca2883.5-4 ( R2883500-120C )Ricca3290-32 ( R3290000-1A )Ricca5884.2-16 ( R5884200-500A )Ricca5850-16 ( R5850000-500A )Ricca3110-4 ( R3110000-120C )Ricca9432-100 ( R9432000-100A6 )RiccaR2631000-500CRicca627.92-8 ( R0627920-250C )Ricca3912-4 ( R3912000-120A )Thermo Scientific SKIMMER CONE BRIGID PT.5 NI IN,

Thermo Scientific1311870Thermo Scientific QUARTZ INJECTOR,

Thermo fisher scientific1305600Thermo Scientific ELECTRON MULTIPLIER,

Thermo Scientific1R76022-1463322ga single channel plastic swivel (blue), sterile, INSTECH375/22PSSigma73108Sigma69729Contact Plate and Petri Dish Reader, Bel-Art37861-0000Ricca1474-16 ( R1474000-500A )RiccaR1379000-120ARicca1980-16 ( R1980000-500C1 )Ricca2883.6-4 ( R2883600-120C )RiccaR8393600-250ARicca7855-32 ( R7855000-1A )Ricca2120-16 ( R2120000-500A )TSQ Qunantis SWEEP CONE, thermo80000-20895Ricca3290-32 ( R3290000-1A )Ricca2880.9-4 ( R2880900-120C )D2 Lamp for 24872487plug-in slit tongue, Thermo1170800Ricca610.3-16 ( R0610300-500A )Ricca7855-32 ( R7855000-1A )Ricca8830-16 ( R8830000-500C )Ricca3290-32 ( R3290000-1A )GFS Chemical85005GFS Chemical85075GFS Chemical85085GFS Chemical85090GFS Chemical85092GFS Chemical85004GFS Chemical85077GFS Chemical86763GFS Chemical86765GFS Chemical86767GFS Chemical85095Dynalon 143105 Small Acrylic Desiccator Cabinet

Cabinet Type: Desiccator, Size: Small, Option: No Option143105SpectrumP-201Ricca5887-8 ( R5887000-250A )Ricca4621.A-16 ( R4621001-500C )Ricca7855-32 ( R7855000-1A )Scipoly364RiccaR1980000-500C1Ricca1474-16 ( R1474000-500A )Sigma738905Sigma682527

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